My love, it is a long time from here to the stars so let us travel the rest as one. 

      Janel + Robbie

      "I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you!! The wedding was a success and everyone’s still talking about it....about how beautiful and magnificent it all was. You did an outstanding job and exceeded my expectations, and as you know, my expectations were high. I’m going to miss communicating with you regularly, and wish you much success and happiness in your life. "

      - Anna Buesa, Mother of the Bride

      Erika + Dan

      "Laura, where do I even begin?! Thank you SO incredibly much for absolutely everything you did to make our day beyond what I could've ever asked for. You are such an incredible person and I am so grateful that I met you, and for the other 100 hats/jobs you wore throughout the crazy planning process. Thanks for keeping me sane with my mother (love you mom), all of your brilliant and creative ideas, and for executing and bringing to life everything I envisioned for the most amazing day! Thank you for absolutely everything!"

      - Erika, Bride

      Natalie + John

      "Michaela & Danielle, we had to rush out of Pioneertown on Sunday to make our honeymoon flight but, we just landed in Mexico and we haven't stopped talking about the most perfect day ever this weekend! Thank you for making our wedding look and flow incredibly! I can't count the number of texts and calls we've received about how much fun our guests had. Thank you thank you thank you so much for dealing with our shenanigans and pulling off the most amazing day. I am so grateful for you both!!!!"

      - Natalie, Bride

      Annie + Ralph

      "Laura, I wanted to express my gratitude to you especially for making today happen, and happen like in my dreams! You have been everything & more I could have asked/hoped for in a planner and a friend. You are amazing at your work and do it with such POISE and grace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for working so hard to make our day perfect. Love you!"

      - Annie, Bride

      Marisa + Sal

      "Laura, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my wedding experience so great! I would have seriously been a hot mess without you. Thank you for practically sharing a brain with me these past months & dealing with all of my shenanigans through the whole process. Also, thank you for the random - almost - FaceTime calls ha! Love you, you're amazing!"

      - Marisa, Bride

      Miranda + Baby Declan

      "Laura & Danielle, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help & for my beautiful shower! You made it so perfect and special for me and I really don't think it can be topped! Also, thank you for all your advice! Your existence in this world is a gift, love you both!"

      - Miranda, mommy-to-be

      Kristin + Mike

      "Dear Laura - where to begin! Thank you for all your hard work and diligence. You have helped us so much and have alleviated SO much stress. I am truly & eternally grateful!"

      - Kristin, Bride

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