Best decision, ever.
      Save your SANITY

      Researching, phone calls, countless communications & negotiating, keeping inspiration & payments organized, etc etc…all while living your normal life. Simply put – it’s exhausting! Wedding-related tasks definitely take up a great deal of time and between your job, social commitments, and personal obligations, you might already feel like you have zero free time.

      Hiring a wedding planner allows you to hand off those more time-consuming responsibilities to a professional. We’ll take responsibilities off your plate and work through all the nitty-gritty logistics of your day. When you hire a wedding planner, you’re free to focus on the things that really matter, so that you, your family, and your friends can experience every moment of excitement to the fullest.

      FACT: We SAVE you money

      One of the most common misconceptions with hiring a wedding planner is that we are too expensive and cannot be fit in the budget. However, you’ll be happy (and hopefully comforted) to know the opposite is actually true: a wedding planner will save you money. You probably have a general idea of how much you want to spend on your wedding. But, do you know how you’ll break that amount down to properly cover every expense? We do! We'll go over the budget with you to make sure you’re allocating exactly the right amount for the wedding of your dreams.

      Since most couples are on a strict wedding budget, we will use our expertise in negotiating and work our asses off (yeah, I said it) to get you the absolutely lowest price and make sure you are getting the most for your money. And that’s not all, have you ever heard the term “friendor”? Wedding planners work hard to build vital vendor relationships aka “friendors” who will in turn offer special discounts and perks that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

      Fresh + Innovative Ideas

      We think of EVERYTHING…trust us, it’s all in the details!
      No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding that’s just like everyone else’s. However, it can be hard to come up with fresh wedding ideas on your own, especially when you’re being bombarded by all of the pretty inspiration that’s out there. As like most brides-to-be, you’re probably spending countless hours scrolling through Pinterest and wedding blogs in search of fresh inspiration.

      News flash, we not only have those hours beat (it’s quite embarrassing really), but we are always dreaming up brilliant and original ideas for your day, things that cannot be found online. A planner’s brain does not rest, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
      Wedding planners know both the latest trends and classic ideas for wedding inspiration. If you’re stuck on how to create the most unforgettable modern eclectic wedding of your dreams, for example, we can help!

      Experts in the Industry

      Our expertise consists of the following: negotiating, multi-tasking, problem solving, researching, producing, mind reading (partially kidding)…the list goes on! And you know what else we’re great at – paying attention to all the nitty gritty details! And trust us when we say there’s a lot of them. From reading (and understanding) the fine print in paperwork and contracts, foreseeing and working through any potential issues, to making sure everything is taken care of so that your day goes smoothly – a wedding planner’s job is to miss no detail so that you can relax and enjoy this special day.

      But that's not all. Have you heard the phrase “Dream Team”? Simply put – this is a PERFECT combination of vendors who turn wedding dreams into realities by working flawlessly together. The good news- a wedding planner can recommend these dreamy vendors for your event with respect to your style, budget, and overall aesthetic. You won’t need to spend hours sifting through websites, reviews, countless photos and social media rabbit holes, because we’re 100 steps ahead of ya! We pride ourselves in being expert matchmakers in this vast wedding world, and know exactly what to look for and what to watch out for.

      Your Vision

      In addition to helping couples with their budget and supervising the sometimes overwhelming logistics, the most exciting perk of hiring a wedding planner is having someone who'll fully execute your wedding vision and all the little details that come with it. We are focused and eager to create that “wow factor” and make sure everything goes according to your unique plan!

      Your journey to the alter is a long one, we’re not gonna lie! The extensive amount of planning that goes into each wedding is hard to express, and that’s why on the wedding day and well before you will want someone who knows what's in your brain. This is your day and we want it to be unforgettable and downright magical! With a planner by your side, you can sit back and watch your vision turn into a reality.

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