Where to start?! How about the wedding hashtag, #TheCrawfordsDesertRomance. That is exactly what this day was – a romantic tale of Christa & Jesse’s desert-inspired love story. But let’s backtrack a little… to when our bride Christa, owner of the well-known Salvaged Soul, first approached us to join her vision. I’ll never forget what Christa said during our first conversation, “I will be the easiest – most low-maintenance bride you will ever meet.” Well, I’m not exactly sure I would classify her as either of those things (love ya girl) but here is what I will say- Christa is one of the most driven, creative, eager, and eccentric brides I have ever met and we adore the BEJEEZUS out of her! Her stylish ways and eccentric personality made for one killer vibe that we worked hard to incorporate throughout this unforgettable affair.

      With only 3 months left till their big day, we had a lot of work to do! From countless late night meetings, design pow wows, and vendor bookings – to the final construction of details, we created one of the most memorable weddings to date!

      So without further ado, we present to you The Crawford’s Desert Romance! Make sure to watch their videos at the bottom, and turn the volume UP! (We also threw in some of their engagement photos because – well, we’re obsessed with them!)

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