“For this day isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s learning to dance in the rain.”

      V I B E: BOHO, Romantic, Wild


      And that is EXACTLY what we did during Dee & Sunny’s stormy nuptials! With a flood watch the evening prior and scattered showers showing for their day, our Bride + Groom-to be decided against a last minute tent rental and let the day play out. When a sudden thunder storm passes overhead just 2 hours before ceremony began, what did we do – major problem solving! We took everything off of the already fully-set tables, covered the perfectly styled lounge vignette, and HUSTLED to save anything that would get damaged while Dee & Sunny’s guests began to arrive via shuttle. As the people began to trickle in to the venue the rain decided to pick up and not before long it was pouring. Lucky for us the owners of The Ruin Venue are some of the kindest people we know, and instantly went into their personal stash of umbrellas, pop-up canopies, and blankets for those who needed them. The shuttle bus quickly became a party bus, and at about an hour past schedule – Dee & Sunny decided to continue on with the ceremony and say their vows under the stormy sky. By this time the thunder & lightening had cleared and we gave the OK to proceed.   Can you guess what happened next…right after their heartfelt ceremony the skies began to clear and a rainbow appeared 🙂 Pure beauty! See for yourself below, we think you’ll agree this was one epic and beautiful day.    


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