V I B E: Romantic, Feminine, Moody


      What do you get when you put a bunch of insanely talented wedding vendors in a beautiful empty space and ask them to work their magic?¬†Only the most epic bridal event you’ve ever seen! When we got word of the brand new Modern Love event in San Diego, our team could not have been more ecstatic to apply. Not only were we accepted as designers, but we then were paired with some of the best creatives in the biz to create a unique space, one that we’re STILL fantasizing about. Think dreamy lounge covered in a haze of pink clouds, sprinkled with dozens of roses throughout. If heaven was a place on earth, this had to have been it. This magical set up was definitely a labor of love, but seeing our vision come to life made it all worth it! Want to see even more from this amazing event?


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